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CoinW recruits partners from all over the world

CoinW is the world’s leading comprehensive crypto asset trading platform. CoinW Global Partner Program has officially started recruiting.

As the world’s leading comprehensive crypto-asset trading platform, CoinW believes in the core ideas of Bitcoin and blockchain, devotes itself to the wave of blockchain technology revolution, adheres to the concept of translation. “customer first” service, committed to serving global users with safe, professional, honest and high-quality services.

To better practice, grow, further expand CoinW’s user base and provide users with better services, CoinW’s “Global Partner Program” has officially started recruiting. The scheme hopes to attract high net worth investors, professional institutions and institutions and has extensive industry experience to participate in building the platform through an economic ecosystem. sound business, diversified commercialization strategies and rich equity returns.

Benefits of CoinW Global Partner

High discount

Enjoy up to 65% discount on ETF trading fees and 80% super discount on contract trading.

VIP benefits

Directly upgrade CoinW VIP and enjoy the same rights and benefits, and the platform will give priority to applying reasonable proposals to CoinW.

The strongest fighting power

Discuss cutting-edge projects with members of KOLs and CoinW Academy at home and abroad, and get first-hand information at the earliest.

Exclusive Honors

Custom CoinW Global Partner Medal of Honor. CoinW Global Partner Peripheral Gift Bundle.

Closed meeting

Those who pass the review and perform well will have the opportunity to join the CoinW founders’ caucus and participate in major platform decisions.

New product experience beta

Experience the new CoinW products first, you can completely master the new gameplay.

How to Join CoinW Global Partner Program

High-profile blockchain enthusiasts, with a community group of no less than 500, or a self-media account with more than 2,000 fans (monthly community speaker ratio not less than 20%).

Has certain project resources and is familiar with industry hotspots and major events. Understand and pay a lot of attention to the blockchain industry, have a certain influence in the industry.

CoinW Global Partner Responsibilities

Cooperate with CoinW staff to carry out community operations, actively promote the CoinW brand, maintain CoinW’s image, and assist users in solving related problems.

At least 2 hours of community activity per day. Host at least one CoinW theme-related online or offline event per month. Actively promote the launch of new projects, recommending at least 2 projects to CoinW as a proposal every month;

Promote the popularity of CoinW brand in the localization market. Increase the number and activity of localized registered users.

Today’s world is a globally connected world, and the new financial blockchain has created a new framework for globally distributed collaboration.

CoinW has been implementing a global development strategy, currently, users from more than 120 countries and regions around the world can use CoinW products without barriers by switching languages. language. Over the years, our transaction data has grown steadily, with over 8 million real registered users and daily transactions peaking at $20 billion.

As one of CoinW’s core businesses, contract derivatives trading offers more comprehensive functionality, faster performance, tighter risk control, and richer transaction types. After years of hard work, the depth and liquidity of CoinW’s perpetual contract products is now at the top of the entire network.

According to relevant data, as of June 2021, the number of global crypto users has reached 221 million, and more and more countries and regions around the world are choosing to use crypto assets and technology. blockchain. The technological and financial innovation power provided by blockchain technology gives more cities and peripheries the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve.

Every era has its own development opportunities, blockchain will be the biggest opportunity for young people in this era. CoinW invites you to become a global partner of CoinW and share the great benefits in this era of development.

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