Apps to mine coins by phone

Mining by phone is a method chosen by many investors in recent times. By doing this, they will earn more coins for themselves in their spare time.

Currently, there are many coin mining apps on the phone, but not all of them give you high efficiency and credibility. After a while of searching and getting responses from various sources of information about cryptocurrency miners on the phone.

Mining coins by phone with iOS operating system

In fact, each operating system is integrated with different mining applications and their efficiency is also different. With iOS operating system, there are two highly rated coin mining apps as follows:

Mining bitcoin by phone on iOS operating system

Blockchain Game is a form of puzzle game, which helps you earn coins through extremely simple tasks. Specifically, the job that you have to do to receive the coin is to arrange the square blocks so that they align with each other and the higher the stack, the larger the number of coins you receive.

This mobile bitcoin mining software not only helps players make money, but also entertains them. After winning the game, the player will receive a bonus in satoshi, the smallest currency of Bitcoin.

This game requires players to be meticulous and careful. Because just being not careful you can ruin all your efforts.

App Abundance

Mining bitcoins on your phone through the Abundance app

This mobile mining app seems simpler than Blockchain Game and anyone can play it. With this app you don’t have to waste time and effort to think. Its form is a bitcoin mining app that will choose a quote for the player, then dial a number. Each of these quotes will be equivalent to a bonus amount, the maximum you can earn is 1,000,000 satoshi for the Gold box.

In addition, if you want to earn more coins from this app, you can take part-time tasks.

Mining coins by phone with Android operating system

MinerGate Mobile Miner

Mining coins thanks to MinerGate Mobile Miner

As can be seen, MinerGate Mobile Miner is a user-friendly way to mine bitcoins on the phone. Not only that, MinerGate Mobile Miner also has a built-in storage wallet, one of the functions that not all cryptocurrency mining apps can do. However, when using this application you will encounter some annoying ads.

Besides that, MinerGate Mobile Miner also has a miner chat room and allows you to easily withdraw funds from MinerGate and

How to mine coins with this app as follows:

First you open an account with MinerGate Mobile Miner.

Step 2 is that you use the chip on your phone to start mining coins. Finally, transfer the processing to the MinerGate server and incur a small fee.

In addition, you also have the ability to customize the dogecoin mobile app experience to a certain extent on MinerGate. It is also possible to increase or decrease the number of threads on the app (that is, the number of processing cores that the app will use to mine coins). In case you want to prevent mining with your phone, you can turn off the charger or turn off mobile data.

There are 3 speeds during mining as low, medium or high and you can change it. High mining speed requires more system resources. Finally, withdraw money to your personal storage wallet if you are afraid that the application will scam you.

AA Miner

AA Miner – an effective coin mining app on your phone

If you are someone who does not like the cumbersome, complicated, you can mine by phone through the AA Miner application. This application allows you to mine several coins such as: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Dash, FantomCoin, Litecoin, Bytecoin or DigitalNote. AA Miner also said that it will announce the CryptoNight algorithm for players.

Like most other mobile mining apps, AA Miner helps you to specify the number of streams so that you can crack the ciphers easily. In addition, players are allowed to choose a background mining application. Note that it only works when plugged into the charger.

Crypto Miner

Crypto Miner – Today’s leading coin mining application

Famous on the market since 2020, but by 2021 this phone mining application still does not disappoint players. Although Crypto Miner is not as famous as MinerGate, it has more outstanding advantages than MinerGate, because it offers more currencies and algorithms for you to choose from. Namely: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Diamond Coin Evolution v 2.0, Yacoin, Groestlcoin, Monero, Quarkcoin, Helixcoin, Skeincoin.

Maybe many people don’t know, but Crypto Miner also optimizes an ARM multi-data instruction through NEON, enhanced SIMD. Add to that the expansion of the Cortex-A processor.

Mining coins with this application is also very simple, you just need to login and select an algorithm from the drop-down menu and specify the number of processing threads. In addition, you can choose to set the processing priority as you like.


The form of mining by phone today has many miners to choose from. As the virtual currency market becomes more and more competitive, you need to have different ways to earn coins and hope it will increase in price in the future. Hopefully the above applications will partly help miners in the process of finding their own rewards.

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